Import of Pet Animals into India - Travelling with pets

Import of Pet Animals into India

Import of Pet Animals into India - Travelling with pets


Trade Notice No.  22/2022-23 Dated: 19th December 2022   

Subject: Guidelines for import of Pet Animals –reg.


  1. Several requests are being received for clarifications regarding the import of Pet animals (cats/dogs). In this regard, it is submitted that the import policy provisions for ‘other’ mammals including pet animals (cats/dogs) are as follows:


Item Description

Import Policy

Policy Condition


- Mammals: -- Other


Subject to Policy Condition 6 of this Chapter.

Policy Condition (6): Import of Wild Animals (including their parts and products) as defined in the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (as amended from time to time) is prohibited and those species which are listed in CITES are subject to the provisions of CITES.

Policy Condition(7): Import of dogs is allowed only for the following specific purposes: i. Pet dog with valid pet book and relevant records/documents in the name of importer. ii. Dogs imported by the R&D Organisations for conducting research with the recommendation of CPCSEA. iii. For the internal security by the Defence and Police Force. 

Policy Condition(8): Import of commercial dogs for breeding or any other commercial activities other than the purposes mentioned above is not permitted.

  1. Imports of Pet Animals may be through Cargo as well as part of Passenger baggage. Reference the above-mentioned Import Policy provisions and in accordance with the CBIC Circular No. 15/2013 Customs dated 08.04.2013, requirement of import authorization is summarized as follows –


No. of pets


Up to two

More than two

Permanent imports  

Import is allowed as passenger baggage, without DGFT authorisation, only to persons transferring their residence to India after two years of continuous stay abroad. Only cats and dogs can be imported under baggage rules.

Import authorization from DGFT is required if:

i. the period of continuous stay abroad is less than 2 years, or

ii. the pet is not being transported as passenger baggage, or

iii. pet cannot be imported under the baggage rules

[Refer: CBIC Circular No. 15/2013-Customs dated 08.04.2013]

Import     authorization    from DGFT is required. Prior to  grant of an import  authorisation, applications  shall be submitted for examination based on the  justifications along with supporting documents to  DAH&D. 

Temporary imports  

Import authorization from DGFT is required. Prior to grant of an import authorisation, applications shall be submitted for examination based on the justifications along with supporting documents to DAH&D.

  1. The following mandatory documents are required when applying –


Nature of import

 Documents required


Permanent Import

  1. Vaccination Book/Pet Passport/Pet Book
  2. Certificate for Emotional Support
  3. Passport of the Pet


Temporary Import

  1. Vaccination Book/Pet Passport/Pet Book
  2. Certificate for Emotional Support
  3. Passport of the Pet
  4. Copy of return ticket or expected date of return
  5. The local host/relative/family who must submit an undertaking that in case the applicant/pet owner fails to take back the pet, he/she shall be liable for action under the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1992 as amended from time to time.


  1. Steps to Apply for an import authorisation to DGFT are as follows:

An application for grant of an Import Authorisation may be submitted (as per ANF-2M of the FTP) along with documents enlisted under Para 3. The application may be submitted against their Importer Exporter Code (IEC), if the applicant has one. Alternatively, they may apply against the permanent IEC No. IIHIE0153E, i.e., IEC for ‘Persons /Institutions /Hospitals importing or exporting goods for personal use, not connected with trade or manufacture or agriculture’. 


This online application may be submitted on the DGFT Website ( by navigating to → Services → Import Management System → Import Authorisation of

Restricted Items → Apply for a new Authorization


  1. The Pet Owners travelling to India are advised to initiate the import authorisation application process at least 2 months in advance of the travel dates.


  1. It may be noted that any applications for trading/breeding purposes, or applications made on behalf of some another person/ entity shall be duly rejected.


  1. Import of pet animals is allowed only through airports and seaports of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. Where required, the animals shall also be quarantined in the government quarantine station of the said ports for a stipulated period.


  1. The applicant should further obtain an Advance No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Regional Officer/ Quarantine Officer (AQCS) of the ports mentioned at point 7 above after submitting a copy of import license issued by the DGFT and a copy of Health Certificate issued by the Veterinarian of the exporting country. The testing for diseases as prescribed in the health certificate should be conducted in the exporting country and all the test reports need to be accompanied with the animals. This NOC needs to be obtained from the Regional Officer/ Quarantine Officer seven days before the date of travel (relaxable up to 3 days depending on the specific circumstances).


Note: Before filling the request for advance NOC to AQCS, the applicant may ensure the following compliances –

  1. In case of Transfer of Residence: Stay abroad must be of more than two years.
  2. In case of Re-import: Copy of earlier Veterinary Health Certificate for export from India by AQCS in India is to be enclosed.
  3. In case of Short Stay in India: A valid import authorisation issued by DGFT (


  1. All International Airlines are directed to ensure that the required regulatory compliances are duly fulfilled prior to on-boarding of pet animals to avoid challenges for their passengers/pet owners upon disembarking at destination. Embassies of India abroad may also consider advising the travellers to India to seek permissions/ licenses as per the procedure summarised above.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.



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