Online Module for Replenishment Authorisation of Gems and Consumables

Issuance of Replenishment Authorisation

Online Module for Replenishment Authorisation of Gems and Consumables


  1. As part of IT Revamp of its exporter/importer related services, this Directorate now introduces a new online module for filing of electronic, paperless applications for Issuance of Replenishment Authorisation as per Para 4.35 and 4.36 of FTP for Gems and Consumables from new online IT Module w.e.f. 21.02.2022. All applicants seeking Replenishment Authorization for Gems and Consumables may apply online by navigating to the DGFT website ( Services).
  2. Accordingly, new applications for issuance will need to be submitted in online format as per the above link and Replenishment Authorisation for Gems and Consumables will continue to be issued on security However, applications submitted before 21.02.2022 through legacy system ( will continue to be processed through legacy system by RAs.
  3. For any help and guidance on this new process, the Help Manual & FAQs may be accessed on DGFT, Websit LeamWApplication Help & For any further assistance any of the following channels may be assessed :
    1. Raise a service request ticket through the DGFT Helpdesk service under Services 'DGFT Helpdesk Service'
    2. Call the DGFT Toll-free-Helpline number
    3. Send an email to the Helpdesk on
  4. This issues with the approval of the Competent


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