RCMC Notifications

Posted on 21 Nov, 2022 Unique Group
TRQ allocation of Sugar export to EU and USA
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Posted on 01 Nov, 2022 Unique Group
Sugar Export Restriction Extended
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Posted on 18 Oct, 2022 Unique Group
Wheat Atta and related products Export Policy Modified
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Posted on 13 Sep, 2022 Unique Group
Crude soya oil TRQ allottees are required to update the status of imports to DGFT
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Posted on 16 Aug, 2022 Unique Group
Quality Certificate Mandatory for Export of Wheat Products
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Posted on 15 Jul, 2022 Unique Group
Export of Wheat Flour is now Subject to recommendation of Inter-Ministerial Committee
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Posted on 10 Jun, 2022 Unique Group
Mauritius CECPA Application for Tariff Rate TRQ allocation
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Posted on 16 Jun, 2022 Unique Group
How to import Duty Exempted crude sun flower & soya bean oil
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Posted on 27 May, 2022 Unique Group
Customs Duty is exempted for Import of Crude Sunflower and Soya bean oil
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Posted on 26 May, 2022 Unique Group
Export of Sugar is restricted until further notice
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