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Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipments and Technologies declaration (SCOMET)

There are Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipments and Technologies which have multiple usages. The End-use may sometimes be used to create weapons of mass destruction. These items are called dual use items and in India they are classified as SCOMET items. Export of SCOMET items is restricted. Their export is permitted only against an authorization/license. Export restriction and license applies to SCOMET exports from SEZ as well.

SCOMET items are classified into the following categories:

  • Category 0: Nuclear materials, nuclear-related other materials, equipment and technology.
  • Category 1: Toxic chemical agents and other chemicals
  • Category 2: Micro-organisms, toxins
  • Category 3: Materials, Materials Processing Equipment and related technologies
  • Category 4: Nuclear-related other equipment and technology, not controlled under Category 0
  • Category 5: Aerospace systems, equipment, including production and test equipment, related technology and specially designed components and accessories therefore.
  • Category 6: Munitions List
  • Category 7: Reserved
  • Category 8: Special Materials and Related Equipment, Material Processing, Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications, Information Security, Sensors and Lasers, Navigation and Avionics, Marine, Aerospace and Propulsion.

An exporter can apply for a SCOMET license to DGFT. The most important document for applying for SCOMET is the END USER CERTIFICATE. The application is very critically scrutinized by the Inter Ministerial Working Group (IMWG) committee before sanctioning the License for export of SCOMET items.

Penalties for Violations:

  • Suspension/cancellation of ‘IE Code’
  • Penalty up to 5 times the value of the goods exported
  • Criminal prosecution for unauthorized export of SCOMET items.


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