Applying for EPCG scheme (ANF 5A)

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Applying for EPCG scheme

To avail benefits under an EPCG scheme, following documents are required:

  • Your user profile must be linked with an IEC.
  • The applicant has an ‘Active’ IEC
  • A valid DSC / e-sign must be registered in the system.
  • GSTN details corresponding to the branches of the IEC.
  • Valid RCMC details issued to the IEC. 

One can apply for a Fresh EPCG licence on DGFT onine portal. Although, the process is quite simple, it can be overwhelming for someone who is not acquainted with the terminology and how to work around the complex portal. If you require any kind of assistance in preparing the application, feel free to contact core expert team.

The application for Fresh EPCG licence is called ANF 5A. The applicant has to keep the following information handy during the time of application.

  • Applicant details – IEC, RCMC, GST
  • Export Details – ensure that all the products that can be manufactured using the capital goods are included in this list
  • Capital Goods Details (Import / Indigenous)
  • Supplier Details
  • Bank Guarantee – A bank guarantee of upto 20% of the Duty Saved amount is mandatory for applying for EPCG licence
  • CA / CE certificates
  • Recommended Attachments

After entering all the required details and accepting the declaration, you will be given a summary of the application, verify all the information and proceed for making the payment. Once payment is done your File number is generated.


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