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APEDA - Development of Export Infrastructure

The Agricultural and Processed food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) was established by the Government of India with a primary objective of development and promotion of export of agriculture products. As a part of achieving this objective, APEDA has introduced Export Infrastructure Development Scheme.

Development of an adequate infrastructure is critical for the growth of agro industries and export of agricultural products. The scheme covers fresh produce and processed food products. The emphasis is primarily on setting up of post harvest handling facilities so as to reduce losses caused due to spoilage and to ensure quality production of agro products.

Pattern of Assistance: The scheme provides assistance for the following components.

Sl. No.


Rate of Subsidy

Max Cap


Integrated Pack house


Rs. 1 Cr


Purchase of insulated, reefer transport /mobile pre-cooling units


Rs. 1 Cr


Cable handling system for banana and other crops


Rs. 1 Cr


Processing facilities for Horticulture crops


Rs. 1 Cr


Processing facilities for Value addition products


Rs. 1 Cr

Equipments eligible under Pack House: Collection, cleaning, washing, sorting/ grading, pre-cooling, packing, cold storage, Hand held NIR instrument (on tree harvesting quality evaluation of Mango Fruits) Hot water dip treatment etc.

Equipments eligible under processing facilities for Horticulture crops include: various types of screening sensors to detect external / internal quality of the produce, Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT), Irradiation, or any new equipment or technology for meeting the Phyto-sanitary requirements of importing countries.

Equipments eligible under processing facilities for Value addition products: x-ray, Screening equipments, Sortex, IQF, cooking/blanching line, filth / metal detector, sensors, vibrators or any new equipment or technology for food safety and quality requirements.

Important to Remember:

  • Bovine meat is not eligible for any assistance under this scheme
  • Assistance for Sortex is not available for Rice and Pulses
  • The total maximum assistance that can be availed under this scheme is Rs. 2 Cr
  • Preference shall be given to Bank linked application for seeking assistance for creation of capital assets.
  • Preference would be given to existing exporters who are already exporting products for which financial assistance is sought
  • Quotations shall be sought from minimum 3 suppliers
  • Assistance shall only be given for technical civil work, wherever civil work is involved
  • The beneficiary unit shall carry out exports after receiving assistance from APEDA.
  • Filing of quarterly export performance is mandatory

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