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APEDA - Quality Development

The Agricultural and Processed food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) was established by the Government of India with a primary objective of development and promotion of export of agriculture products. As a part of achieving this objective, APEDA has introduced Quality Development Scheme.

Compliance with Food Safety requirements of different countries is a continuous process which is paramount in international trade. Majority of the importing countries are demanding adherence to stringent Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) prescribed by these countries. Some of the developed importing countries have set up MRLs at very low level for which high precision equipments are essentially required to be installed by the food testing labs and trade. Installation of quality management systems, laboratory testing equipments, held devices for capturing farm level peripheral coordinates for traceability systems and testing of samples etc. helps in achieving such prescribed standards for the purpose of export.

Pattern of Assistance: The scheme provides assistance for the following components.

Sl. No.


Rate of Subsidy

Max Cap


Implementation and Certification of quality and Food Safety Management Systems for all APEDA scheduled products


Rs. 4 Lakhs


Procuring hand held devices including cost of software for capturing farm level peripheral coordinates for traceability systems.


Rs. 4 Lakhs


Training in India and abroad


Rs. 1.50 lakhs per participant


Seminars/ workshops/ outreach programs etc. organized/ sponsored/ assisted by APEDA.


Rs. 5 Lakhs


Testing of water, soil, residues of agrochemicals/pesticide, veterinary drugs, hormones, toxins, heavy metals, microbial count etc. in agricultural produce / products


Rs. 10 Lakhs (Rs. 5000 per one sample)


In House Food testing lab - APEDA Registered Exporters


Rs. 25 Lakhs


APEDA Recognised Food testing lab Upgradation


Rs. 75 Lakhs

Important to Remember:

  • Assistance for implementation and certification of Food Safety Management System such as HACCP, India HACCP, ISO22000/FSSC-22000, BRC, ISO-14001, GAP, India GAP, GHP, India GHP, ISO-9001 etc., in house quality control lab equipments, etc. would be admissible to manufacturer exporters only.
  • The certification should be from APEDA recognized agencies.
  • Training assistance shall be given only for APEDA related activities
  • Testing assistance to exporters shall be available for sampling and analysis carried out by APEDA recognized laboratories.
  • Food Testing Lab assistance is applicable exclusively for lab scale testing equipment and not for in process quality control equipments, consumables, glassware, computers, general refrigerators, Air Conditioners or laboratory furniture and civil work
  • Preference shall be given to Bank linked application for seeking assistance for creation of capital assets.
  • Preference would be given to existing exporters who are already exporting products for which financial assistance is sought
  • Quotations shall be sought from minimum 3 suppliers
  • Assistance shall only be given for technical civil work, wherever civil work is involved
  • The beneficiary unit shall carry out exports after receiving assistance from APEDA.
  • Filing of quarterly export performance is mandatory

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