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Andhra Pradesh Food Processing Society (APFPS)

Andhra Pradesh Food Processing Society (APFPS) was established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Act in November 2012 to act as a nodal agency for the development of the Food Processing Sector in the State.

The Secretary Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is the Chairman of the Society. The Commissioner / Director in charge of allied sectors including Agriculture, Horticulture, Marketing, Animal Husbandry and KVIC are the members of the society.

The Main Objective Of The Society are:

  • Enhancing and stabilizing the income level of the farmers.
  • Achieving integration of the food processing infrastructure from farm to market.
  • Making the food processing sector attractive for both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Making food processing is an all seasonal activity.
  • Undertaking capacity building & Promotional activities.
  • Providing Quality check facility.
  • Providing Marketing assistance to producers.
  • Reduction of Agricultural waste.
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of the food processing industry in both domestic as well as international markets.

We have helped many businesses get aid / benefit from the following schemes

The objective of the scheme is to provide integrated and complete cold chain and preservation infrastructure facilities without any break, from the farm gate to the consumer from the production site to the market. The scheme helps linking groups of producers to the processors and market through well equipped supply chain. Read More

The primary objective of the Integrated Food Parks Scheme (IFP) is to provide modern infrastructure facilities for the food processing. It will include creation of storage and processing infrastructure near the farm, transportation, logistics. The expected outcome is increased realization to farmers, creation of high quality processing infrastructure, reduction in wastage, capacity building of producers and processors and creation of an efficient supply chain along with significant direct and indirect employment generation. Read More

The Scheme aims to facilitate the establishment of a strong food processing industry backed by an efficient supply chain, which would include collection centers, primary processing centres and cold chain infrastructure. The food processing units, under the Scheme, would be located at a Central Processing Centre (CPC) with need based common infrastructure required for processing, packaging, environmental protection systems, quality control labs, trade facilitation centres, etc.Read More

The main objective of the scheme is to increase the level of processing, reduction of wastage, value addition, enhance the income of farmers as well as increase exports.Read More

The objective of the scheme is creation of effective backward linkages through setting up of processing and preservation facilities at village level to enhance shelf life of perishable produces. Read More


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