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APFPS - Mega Food Parks

The Scheme aims to facilitate the establishment of a strong food processing industry backed by an efficient supply chain, which would include collection centers, primary processing centres and cold chain infrastructure. The food processing units, under the Scheme, would be located at a Central Processing Centre (CPC) with need based common infrastructure required for processing, packaging, environmental protection systems, quality control labs, trade facilitation centres, etc.

Pattern of Assistance

  • The Scheme shall provide a capital grant at the rate of 50 % of the eligible project cost
  • Maximum of Rs.50 cr. per project

Release of Grant

  • First Installment – 20%
  • Second Installment – 30%
  • Third Installment – 30%
  • Fourth Installment – 20%

Eligible Components of the Scheme  The Scheme will have the following components:

  1. Central Processing Centre: common facilities like testing laboratory, cleaning, grading, sorting and packing facilities, dry warehouses, specialized storage facilities, cold storage including Controlled Atmosphere Chambers, Pressure Ventilators, variable humidity stores, pre-cooling chambers, ripening chambers skill development training facilities suiting to the requirements of Processing Units coming up in the Food Park, cold chain infrastructure including reefer vans, packaging unit, irradiation facilities, steam sterilization units, steam generating units, Food incubation cum development centres etc.
  2. Primary Processing Centres and Farm Proximate Collection Centres: components like cleaning, grading, sorting and packing facilities (including equipment), dry warehouses, specialized cold stores including pre-cooling chambers, ripening chambers (including equipment), reefer vans, mobile precoolers, mobile collection vans etc.
  3. Factory Buildings
  4. Enabling Basic Infrastructure: Includes development of industrial plots, boundary wall, roads, drainage, water supply, electricity supply, Solid waste management plant, effluent treatment plant, telecommunication lines, parking bay including traffic management system, weighbridges etc at the PPC and CPC level.
  5. Non-core Infrastructure: It will consist of support infrastructure such as administrative buildings, training centre including equipment, trade and display centre, crèche, canteen, worker’s hostel, offices of service providers, labour rest and recreation facilities, marketing support system, etc.
  6. Project Implementation Expenses: This would include cost of hiring the services of domain consultants by the SPV’s for preparation of DPRs, supply chain management, engineering/designing and construction supervision etc.
  7. Cost of Land

Release of Grant

  • 1st installment - 30% 
  • 2nd installment - 30%
  • 3rd installment - 20%
  • 4th installment - 20%
  • Release of each installment is subjected to various terms and conditions as specified in the scheme guidelines

For more details about the scheme please contact us. We can help you with

  • Making error free applications to APFPS with accurate Detailed Project Reports, Technical Standards and Protocols.
  • Reviewing Bank Appraisal Reports to check for any data inconsistencies
  • Maintaining the progress of the project as per the recommendations APFPS
  • Assist you in the regular Joint Inspections and submission of follow-up documents to APFPS
  • Represent your case before APFPS for any difficulties faced in implementation of the project.

Our Unique Services

  1. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
  2. Layout Drawings
  3. Facilitating various permissions required from various Govt. Departments
  4. Error free application processing for various subsidies and incentives
  5. Facilitating the arrangement of subsidies and incentives from Govt. Departments
  6. Advisory on Purchase of Machinery / Technology and Civil works


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