NABARD - Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing – Non-Storage Infrastructure

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NABARD - Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing – Non-Storage Infrastructure

The Govt. of India has a vision to double farmers’ income by year 2022. In the light of this vision, it entails an urgent need for putting in place better farmer-market linkages. Value addition to the raw agri produce is another way of enhancing the farmer’s income. The scheme supports various infrastructure development projects under this scheme as mentioned below.

  1. Infrastructure establishment for primary processing at farm gate: Eligible primary processing activities under this component are
    1. cleaning, cutting, de-podding, de-cortication, dehusking, de-sheller, Grain cleaner, specific gravity separator, mini rice huller, drying equipments (solar/normal), bleaching, grading, sorting, packing/bag stitching, labelling, waxing, ripening, chilling, pasteurization, homogenization, freezing, refrigeration and other value addition activities.
    2. Mini Oil expeller for extraction of edible vegetable oil (as per FSSAI but without refining) from indigenous oilseeds (viz. Mustard seed, Sesame seed, Ground nut, Linseed, Mahua, Safflower, Nigerseed Oil, Coconut, Almond and Olive only)
    3. Mini Dal mill for primary processing of pulses, which includes cleaning, grading, sorting, splitting, packaging and labeling
  2. Common facilities in the market yards:
    1. platforms for auctioning of the produce, loading, unloading, assembling, drying, cleaning, grading, weighing, mechanical handling and assaying equipments
    2. The ancillary / supporting infrastructure like parking sheds, internal roads, garbage disposal arrangements, boundary walls, drinking water etc.
  3. Functional infrastructure:
    1. collection / assembling, drying, cleaning, grading, standardization, SPS (Sanitary &Phyto-sanitary) measures and quality certification, labelling, packaging, ripening chambers, waxing, value addition facilities
  4. Infrastructure for direct marketing of agricultural commodities from producers to consumers/processing units/ bulk buyers
  5. Infrastructure for development/upgradation of Rural Haats/RPMs as Grameen Agricultural Market
    1. Platforms, sheds, drying facility (solar/normal)
    2. Electronic weighing scale, assaying equipments, Computer IT equipments with internet connection
    3. Godown, cold room, deep freezer/ Zero energy freezer, pack house
    4. ripening chamber, information boards (electronic/non-electronic), de-sheller, Grain cleaner, specific gravity separator, Mini Dal mill, Mini Oil expeller, Mini rice huller etc.
    5. The ancillary supporting infrastructure viz. parking sheds, internal roads, garbage disposal arrangements, lighting arrangement, drinking water facility, toilets etc.

Pattern of Assistance: The scheme provides assistance as credit linked back ended subsidy in following form.


Rate of Subsidy

Max Cap

North Eastern States, Sikkim, UTs of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands, hilly areas


Rs. 30 Lakhs

Other Areas


FPOs, Panchayats, Women, Scheduled Caste (SC)/ Scheduled Tribe (ST) entrepreneurs or their cooperatives, Self-help groups


Rs. 30 Lakhs

For all Other categories of beneficiaries


Rs. 25 Lakhs

Important to remember:

  • Project should commence only after the term loan is sanctioned by the Financial Institution.
  • Detailed Project Reports and applications have to be made in the specified formats
  • NABARD practices strict timelines in terms of making applications for the subsidy, Joint inspections and completion of the project. It is the responsibility of the applicant to adhere to the specified timelines.
  • There are various rules regarding allocation of Land for the project, in terms of lease period, location of the land and permissible cost of land in the project report / promoter’s contribution which need to be followed.
  • The storage godowns have to be constructed as per the norms of Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA).
  • There will be constant monitoring of the working of the project by NABARD and Financial Institutions.

For more details about the scheme please contact us. We can help you with

  • Arrangement of Finance Loans
  • Preparing Project report as per the norms of the scheme
  • Ensure error free application to NABARD
  • Regular followup with the Financial Institutions for making applications as per the prescribed timelines
  • Assist you in Joint Inspections
  • Provide advice on norms of Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA).

New Notification

Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure scheme of NABARD extended upto March 2026

Our Unique Services

  1. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
  2. Layout Drawings
  3. Facilitating various permissions required from various Govt. Departments
  4. Error free application processing for various subsidies and incentives
  5. Facilitating the arrangement of subsidies and incentives from Govt. Departments
  6. Advisory on Purchase of Machinery / Technology and Civil works


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