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National Horticulture Board (NHB)

The National Horticulture Board (NHB) was set up by the Government of India in 1984 as an Autonomous organization under the administrative control of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and registered as a society under Societies Registration Act with its headquarters at Gurugram. Presently, NHB has 29 field offices located all over the country. The broad aims and objectives of the Board are to develop production clusters/hubs for integrated Hi-tech commercial horticulture, development of Post-harvest and cold chain infrastructure, ensuring availability of quality planting material and to promote adoption of new technologies/tools/ techniques for Hi-tech commercial horticulture etc.

Aims & Objectives

The main objectives of the NHB are to improve integrated development of Horticulture industry and to help in coordinating, sustaining the production and processing of fruits and vegetables. Detailed objectives of the Board are as under:-

  1. Development of hi-tech commercial horticulture in identified belts and make such areas vibrant with horticultural activity, which in turn will act as hubs for development of horticulture.
  2. Development of modern post-harvest management infrastructure as an integral part of area expansion projects or as common facility for cluster of projects.
  3. Development of integrated, energy efficient cold chain infrastructure for fresh horticulture produce.
  4. Popularization of identified new technologies / tools / techniques for commercialization / adoption, after carrying out technology and need assessment.
  5. Assistance in securing availability of quality planting material by promoting setting up of scion and root stock banks / mother plant nurseries and carrying out accreditation / rating of horticulture nurseries and need based imports of planting material.
  6. Promotion and market development of fresh horticulture produce.
  7. Promotion of field trials of newly developed/imported planting materials and other farm inputs; production technology; PHM protocols, INM and IPM protocols and promotion of applied R&D programmes for commercialization of proven technology.
  8. Promotion of Farm Mechanization in Horticulture through demonstration and its uses at farmers field level to reduce labour cost and increase the productivity of Horticulture crops.
  9. Promotion of applied R & D for standardizing PHM protocols, prescribing critical storage conditions for fresh horticulture produce, bench marking of technical standards for cold chain infrastructure etc.
  10. Transfer of technology to producers/farmers and service providers such as gardeners, nurserymen, farm level skilled workers, operators in cold storages, work force carrying out post harvest management including processing of fresh horticulture produce and to the master trainers.
  11. Promotion of consumption of horticulture produce and products.
  12. Promoting long distance transport solution for bulk movement of horticulture produce through rail etc.

We have helped many businesses get aid / benefit from the following schemes

National Horticulture Board (NHB) is an organization setup by Govt. of India under the Ministry of Agricultures and Farmers welfare. The main objective of this organization is to improve integrated development of Horticulture industry and to help in coordinating, sustaining the production and processing of fruits and vegetables. As a part of this mission, NHB has started the Commercial Horticulture Development in open field conditions on project mode scheme. Read More

  1. Planting material, plantation, irrigation, fertigation, mechanization etc. for projects having area over 2500 Sq Meters
  2. In case of NE Region, projects having area over 1000 Sq. Meter are eligible
  3. Activities like construction of green houses, shade net house, plastic mulching, and plastic tunnel, anti bird /hail nets etc. Read More

The Board will take up Integrated Post Harvest Management projects relating to Pack House, Ripening Chamber, Refer Van, Retail Outlets, Pre- cooling unit, Primary processing etc. NHB will also take up projects in component mode and for standalone projects of PHM components Read More

  1. Setting up of new Multi Chamber Cold Storages with technologies which are energy efficient with provision of thermal insulation, humidity controlled, advance cooling systems, automation, etc, having specification and standards approved by the Ministry.
  2. Setting up of new Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Stores as per the NHB Protocols
  3. Modernization of existing cold storages and CA Stores
  4. Introduction of Add on Technologies for cold storages and CA stores Read More


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