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Karnataka – Industrial Policy 2020-25 for Export Promotion

Govt. of Karnataka reaffirms its strong commitment towards export promotion to push economic growth and create jobs. Concrete steps are taken in the Industrial Policy 2020-25 to take exports on higher growth trajectory by considering strategies more holistically and synergizing export promotion with industrial growth

Government’s focus on promoting exports (diversification of export products, domestic export linkages and the conquest of new markets) is based on a demand –based export basket diversification approach which will give a big push to exports.

Starting date: 13th August, 2020

Ending date: 13th August, 2025

Incentives for Export Promotion



Rate of Subsidy

Max Subsidy

Electricity Tax Exemption

New MSMEs in Zone 3 with min 50% of turnover in exports

100% for 5 years


Performance Subsidy

MSMEs in all zone. Export should double in subsequent years

1% of FOB value

Rs. 10 Lakh

Reimbursement of Bank Charges

All MSMEs in all Zones. Should produce E-BRCs


Rs. 1 Lakh

ECGC Charges

All MSMEs in all Zones.


Rs. 1 Lakh

Certification Charges Refund

All MSMEs in all Zones. Certifications like - CE, China Compulsary Certificate, GMP etc.


Rs. 1 Lakh

Certification on Import Export Management Course

Should be from Recognised institution with min course duration of 4 months


Rs. 25000 per candidate


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