Karnataka – Industrial Policy 2020-25 for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

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Karnataka – Industrial Policy 2020-25 for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Karnataka currently ranks 5th in Pharma exports and contributes 10% to the Indian Pharma revenue. Karnataka exports 40% of its pharma produce. Presence of exclusive Pharma Special Economic Zone in Hassan, Pharma Industrial Areas and R&D centers provide required impetus for further growth of Pharma sector in the State

Considering the huge cost involved in R&D activities in the sector, necessary support in the form of grants is included in the Industrial Policy 2020-25.

Starting date: 13th August, 2020

Ending date: 13th August, 2025

Incentives for Pharma and Medical Devices Industries



Rate of Subsidy

Max Subsidy

Establishment of Pharma Park

- Only for Zone 1 and Zone 2
- Common Testing lab
- Cold Storage
- Warehouse


Rs. 5 Crore

Clinical Trials

- Only for Zone 1 and Zone 2
- Subjects : Bio availability and bio-equivalence


Rs. 1 Crore per trial

Establishment of Medical Devices Park

- All Zones
- Common facilities, calibration, testing, quality control, waste management etc


Rs. 5 Crore

Encouragment of waste management practices

- All Zones
- Bio Medical Waste Management systems 


Rs. 2.50 Crore for Large Enterprises
Rs. 50 Lakhs for MSMEs

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