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National Horticulture Board (NHB) Application Procedure

Application process and documents required for NHB Subsidy application.

Following revised application process will be implemented from 15.03.2023 for NHB subsidies NHB subsidies include:

Application process

  1. Apply for term loan and get sanctioned
    Note: Disbursement of loan and start of project should be done only after getting GOC
  2. After getting Term loan sanction, apply directly for GOC (Grant of Clearance) on NHB website
  3. After application is submitted, an email will be sent to the applicant along with a reply/confirmation link to the financing bank. Concerned bank need to confirm the authenticity of documents online. Based on the confirmation of documents by the bank e.g. bank sanction letter, appraisal note and land documents etc., NHB will issue GoC.
  4. The stage of inspection of the location for GoC will be replaced with a mobile app based self-inspection. During the JIT, the details captured earlier through mobile app like Geo Location fencing etc will be verified.
  5. Subsidy claim documents will also be submitted by bank/applicant online.

Documents required for GOC application

  1. Detailed Project Report (DPR) and the information suggested in the NHB's prescribed template will only be mandatory.
  2. Technical Data sheet
  3. Basic datasheet
  4. Registration certificate/Deed
  5. Project Land Document along with non-encumbrance certificate
  6. Bank Sanction letter.
  7. Bank Appraisal Note
  8. Undertaking


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